Who Will Work On My Project?

This is an important question to ask. The answer partly lies in the scope of your work. How large or small is your project? How complex is it? Does it involve unique features to be included on the site? If yes, then the scope of the work is probably too vast for an individual and would be ideal for Online Marketing Des Moines experienced team to handle. The Online Marketing Des Moines team will comprise of graphic designers, programmers, and copywriters.

Is There A Limit On The Number Of Pages To Set Up On The Website?

We at DotCom Design do not limit our clients to the number of pages they can set up on their website. We understand this is a matter of personal preference. We, however, encourage our clients to get expert advice from our  Online Advertising Des Moines. We ensure that they are well informed about the standard pages that every website should have such as the About Us, FAQs and Contact Us pages. Other additional pages that they may wish to add such as Testimonials, Blogs and Photo Gallery we refer them to our  Online Advertising Des Moines team to provide support.

What Is The Way Forward If I Am Not Pleased With The Work Done?

There are options available for adjusting the final project, and the project is never really final until you the client has made all the necessary correction and changes and is satisfied with the work and sign off on it. The company would also ideally be engaging with you at every step of the design process and getting your approval on items such as fonts, colors, and images to use. This greatly reduces the need for a massive overhaul while suggesting changes at the end of the project.

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