When A Website Designer Matters for Your Marketing

Years ago, you set up a website for your business that converted alot of traffic and made you good money. However, you’ve noticed latelythat you seem to be getting fewer orders and you aren’t sure what isgoing wrong. If you haven’t updated your website since you firstdesigned it, there’s a good chance that you need to hire a website designer in the Iowa City area to help you update your site and improve your marketing.

The world of online marketing is one that is critical for yoursuccess in the business world these days. You can’t focus on newspaper,radio, and television marketing and anticipate success. While thesemethods are useful in a variety of situations, the need for onlinemarketing and high-quality websites is higher than ever and will onlyincrease in the future. So stay on top of trends by understanding thefollowing information.

Branding Your Company in Many Ways

Although you may have come up with great branding for your companybefore you hired a skilled professional designer, there’s a chance thatyou aren’t implementing this brand as effectively as possible online.The world of online marketing is a new and still changing field thatrequires a skilled hand and an understanding of how to spread your brand
in a way that makes it successful.

For example, a good designer can create a mobile-friendly site thatmakes it easier for people to find and use your website. Just asimportantly, they can then implement a variety of social media tags onto
your site to spread your name far and wide. Even if you hate usingsocial media for your personal needs, you can’t ignore the brandingpotential that it provides your business.

As a result, you should talk to a designer to get these simpleconcepts implemented for your business as soon as possible. An expertdesigner can expand your branding beyond a few simple logos andcatchphrases and make it more effective. Just as importantly, they canimplement design ideas that you wouldn’t have considered because you had
never heard of them before your designer visited.

Search Engine Optimization for Maximum Success

You may have heard the phrase search engine optimization (or SEO)before but aren’t sure what it means. This process requires making yourwebsite rank higher on search engines, such as Google, and making iteasier for your potential customers to find. Typically, it requiresfinding a variety of content to put on your site and to scatter it insuch a way that search engines rank your content higher than others.

Trying to do this process on your own is just short of impossible without the help of a high-quality website designer. For example, these professionals can not only find a great look foryour site, but research keywords that you can use to attract business toyour company. And they can then provide you with the help that you needfinding content that successfully markets your company in a way thatmakes it easier to find.

All website design should be focused on improving your SEO andattracting more visitors to your website. Once they are there, theseindividuals can then seek out your services or products and pay for them
on a simple order page. Your designer can ensure that your SEO directsyour customers to this area in a way that improves their chances ofmaking an order.

Google Analytics Upgrades

Google is perhaps the most critical factor in all online marketingtoday. This company uses complex algorithms to direct traffic to andfrom sites and is the most popular search engine today. If you have noidea how to appeal to Google or other search engines, a good website designer can help you understand this element. They typically have training inGoogle Analytics and different types of programs to track web traffic.

Google Analytics provides you with an in-depth examination of yourwebsite, including how many people visit it every day, what sites theyvisit, and how long they stay before they leave. Analytics can alsoexamine your keyword use and see which are working for you and which are
not. In this way, you can better understand your online traffic andtweak your approach subtly and carefully.

This process is one that requires a lot of careful adjustments andsubtle changes implemented over a lengthy period. You just can’t set upyour website and expect that it will continue to convert traffic foryour business. Regular – sometimes almost daily – updates to yourAnalytics service are necessary for success. A great designer can helpimprove this process and keep your marketing widespread.

Increase the Attractiveness of Your Website

In these days of modern online viewing, people expect attractivewebsites that they want to visit for extended periods. Gone are the days
of awkward Geocities pages filled with silly GIFs and embarrassingphotos. Online design has become an art form and one that you need tofully understand if you want to stand out in this highly-competitiveworld. And the best way to do so is with a website designer.

These professionals will take a look at your current site and let you
know what works and what doesn’t work. Then, they will sit down withyou and create an appealing look for your site that will attract morebusiness and keep traffic at its maximum. This new website may integrate a varietyof modern features, such as scrolling designs, in-depth videos, and asimple interface that helps make your site more user friendly for mobileviewing.

After all, almost three-quarters of all online traffic is now donevia a phone or tablet. Though many people still use desktop and laptopsfor their primary viewing, a vast majority of the population hasswitched entirely to mobile devices. You need to adapt to this change by
integrating a more attractive, simple, and easy-to-navigate websitedesign for your new business model.

We Can Help You Succeed

As you can see, a high-quality designer can provide many benefitsthat you simply can’t get in any other way. For example, they canstreamline your marketing to focus only on the customers who matter toyou. After all, you aren’t likely to appeal to every customer on themarket but only those who truly need your type of service.

So if you need a great website designer for your business marketing and want only the best available in IowaCity, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Waterloo, and other surrounding Iowacities, please contact us at Dotcom Design to learn more. Our expertswill find a way to make your website more attractive and get morebusiness to your facility as soon as possible.

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