What are your charges for designing a website?

Sorry, but there’s no fixed cost of developing a website. The design of your website will provide your visitors with the first impression about your brand. If it looks outdated and is hard to navigate, then you risk losing customers to your competitors. Usability and navigation, design, content list, mobile-friendliness, SEO, functionality, social media integration and more elements will help your website designer Waterloo determine the cost of designing your website.

How long will it take to finish designing my website?

You’re the client and therefore have the right to determine that reasonable timeframe you expect a website to be complete. The faster you avail the content and the images, the shorter time it takes. We put every effort into ensuring it’s complete with the time given. It should take your website designer in Waterloo roughly 4-6 weeks for a website to complete.

What technology do you recommend when designing a website?

At all times, our web developers will recommend the best technology for designing your business website. Before they can even select any given technology, our website designer Waterloo will determine the long-term implications on your website. For instances, if it poses any limitations or there’ll be future additional costs. We build the modern website using technologies such as CSS and HTML.

Can I view the progress of my website during the design process?

Yes, you’re free to ask how the design is progressing. You can even provide opinions and suggestions for improvement in the early stages to ensure that you have exactly what ask for.

Between an attractive template and custom design, what would you recommend?

If the budget is not an issue, you should have a website designer in Waterloo to create your website so that it looks professional. If you’re on budget, and there’s no much focus on the quality of the website, a web template is okay

Is WordPress just for blogging?

WordPress takes the lead as the most popular Content Management System. It also allows you to create excellent websites and mobile applications.

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