Website Design Trends to Watch for in 2019

As your website continues to change, you need to talk to the best website design Iowa City company you can find. These professionals can help you better understand the many trends that are sweeping the market and can integrate them onto your site in a way that improves your overall site operation and your business success.

Trends in the website design world come and go but typically stick around a year or more. Some concepts are always evergreen and are critical to understand and implement. Talk to your web designer about these ideas to ensure that they are integrated on your website and tweaked as trends ebb and wane in popularity.

Mobile-First Design Concepts

This idea isn’t a trend so much as it is an industry-wide concern. As mobile devices get more streamlined and effective at displaying information, more and more people turn to them. In fact, well over 50 percent of all online traffic is done on mobile devices, a number that is only going to increase as the years pass. Continue to focus on making your website as mobile-friendly as possible to succeed in 2019.

Particle Backgrounds are Going to Be Huge

If you integrate a lot of videos on your website, particle backgrounds are a necessity. They are simple animations with very lightweight scripts. However, they are powerful because they make video backgrounds easier to integrate and load. Just as importantly, they can streamline how your website runs even when you aren’t loading videos.

Vibrant Color Schemes

Is minimalism finally dead in the online world? Perhaps not entirely, but more vibrant and attractive colors are becoming more popular with many website designs. This trend is likely to sweep the online world in 2019, building on the success it had in 2018. The nice thing about this trend is that it is very easy to change your color schemes with a few simple button presses. However, only a professional can choose an attractive scheme that doesn’t give your viewers headaches.

The Continuing Evolution of Shadows

Every year, drop shadows are mentioned as one of the top design trends. Can they really change that much every year? Absolutely! Drop shadow concepts are continually changing, as designers integrate concepts like grids and parallax layouts, to increase the depth of these shadows and to make them fuller and more attractive than ever. Make sure you adapt your website to meet these new design needs.

Personalized Images and Videos are Necessary

High-quality illustrations make a website seem more personal and professional than its competitors. Pulling too many stock images will make it seem a little cheesier and less attractive. Therefore, it is important to find somebody who can draw and add them to your web design crew. This professional can create handsome and cool images and animations that will make your site feel more alive and attractive to your many visitors.

Get These Concepts on Your Site

As you can see, many of these design trends are similar to those you probably already had on your website. If so, that means your designer is doing something right and is working hard to ensure you get the best possible design bang for your buck. However, if you lack two or more of these designs on your site, there is a chance you need to upgrade as soon as possible.

Don’t hesitate to contact a professional to get the finest website design Iowa City has to offer. These professionals will not only implement these trends but can help you innovate some unique ideas for your site. In fact, the best design professionals may help you create trends that make your website one of the top places to visit, not just in its field but across the internet.

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