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Brand Strategy

Define what your company stands for, the promises you’ll make to your customers, and the personality you want to convey based on your target audience.

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branding branding


It’s part of a tailored online strategy that gets results. We pair world-class creativity with thoughtful planning that moves customers.

branding branding


Our blueprint provides optimized design and compelling content that will get your business in front of customers who are ready to buy.


Website Design in Iowa City, IA


You only get one shot to make a first impression. Get it right.

Website development is one of the most important roles in reaching a target audience. It helps reach potential customers who are looking for information, products, or services and that can be found on your website.
By utilizing a website, you maintain an online presence at the fingertips of your potential customers to help learn more about your company. While there are free website services available, they come with many limitations, hindering your ability to get your name in the search engines effectively.
There are also template websites, offering a web template at a reduced cost and allowing the business owners to create content, color schemes, and customize their page to match their business. However, there are even better options.
If your budget allows for it, always choose a custom website. These companies will take into considerations your needs and goals as a company, create functionality of your site, and offer custom solutions. While it requires more time, the options are limitless.
Dotcom Design offers a wide range of services to fit any budget, so give us a call today and let’s get started on your new website!


At Dotcom Design, we go above and beyond to make sure your website is designed to look great, bring in traffic, and expand your client reach. Choosing the right website designer for the job is crucial to expanding your business. For this reason, we employ a three step process to help expand your outreach and garner new clients and traffic. Take a look and see why Dotcom Design is the right company for the job. When you’re done, give us a call and find out why, when it comes to website design, Iowa City always chooses Dotcom Design!

Phase 1: Plan

Planning your website is the first part of our comprehensive three step system. This phase is crucial to gathering important information, details, and values that help your company shine through and with our website design, Iowa City residents will be flocking to your page. Here is what we do during this important step:


We get to know you and your company on a personal level in order to ensure that your company’s values and many positive notes shine through on your website. We will get to know all of the inner workings of your company and what makes your company tick, through a thorough phone interview.


We will discuss your values and goals, as well as who your target audience is. In addition, we will perform keyword research, competitors analysis, and content planning.


Identifying your unique and specific customer base is pertinent to creating a website that is optimized to meet specific groups of people. Through specific questions, we identify your target audience.


The final step in the planning process is wireframing your website where we will create a visual blueprint that details the smooth running of your website and ensures that it is functional and appealing.

Phase 2: Build

Planning your website is the first part of our comprehensive three step system. This phase is crucial to gathering important information, details, and values that help your company shine through and with our website design, Iowa City residents will be flocking to your page. Here is what we do during this important step:


This step encompasses putting the above mentioned blueprint into action. Using the gathered information, we start to build the outline of your website.


The themes, colors, images, and designs are part of what goes into this visuals step. During this process, we use our design skills to make your website beautiful and appealing.


This is where we really get our hands dirty, creating meta tags to help increase traffic flow, getting the written content on all of your pages, and get all of the graphics placed on your website to get it looking great.


Testing with our website design, Iowa City business owners will get the highest quality testing possible. During this phase, we make sure the website is running smoothly, and there are no broken links or pages. This is crucial to making your website user friendly and something that is often forgotten among other individuals and website development companies.

Phase 3: Evolve

During this step we take all of the important information we gathered and do all of the necessary work to help increase customer traffic and bring your name onto new customer’s screens. During this critical step, we do the following:


With our services in website design, Iowa City business owners get a fully optimized website. We make necessary improvements, add things like alternative text, create sitemaps, make sure the content is perfect, and much more.


We will perform routine checkups to make sure content, functionality, and design decisions are performing as planned.


Discovering and making note of how users interact with your new website is part of our ongoing services to help make sure we are reaching the right people in the right way.


Optimizing keywords to rank high in search engines is our specialty. We make sure your site is picked up by Google, Bing, & Yahoo. This is crucial to making sure you reach as many customers as possible.


When it comes to website design, Iowa City business owners know that they are getting a complete package with our company. We aren’t just a website design company; we are an invaluable tool to help grow your company. An investment in us is a great investment in your business by helping expand your outreach to more customers and creating an effective website for users to interact with. Give us a call today and let’s create your websites future.

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