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Brand Strategy

Define what your company stands for, the promises you’ll make to your customers, and the personality you want to convey based on your target audience.

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branding branding


It’s part of a tailored online strategy that gets results. We pair world-class creativity with thoughtful planning that moves customers.

branding branding


Our blueprint provides optimized design and compelling content that will get your business in front of customers who are ready to buy.


Website Design Cedar Rapids, IA


You only get one shot to make a first impression. Get it right.

Website development is one of the most important roles in reaching a target audience. It helps potential customers who are looking for information, products, or services and that can be found on your website.
By utilizing a website, you maintain an online presence at the fingertips of your potential customers to help learn more about your company. While there are free website services available, they come with many limitations, hindering your ability to get your name in the search engines effectively.
There are also template websites, offering a web template at a reduced cost and allowing the business owners to create content, color schemes, and customize their page to match their business. However, there are even better options.
If your budget allows for it, always choose a custom website. These companies will take into considerations your needs and goals as a company, create functionality of your site, and offer custom solutions. While it requires more time, the options are limitless.
Dotcom Design offers a wide range of services to fit any budget, so give us a call today and let’s get started on your new website!


In today’s modern world, having an eye catching and enticing website is the difference between a successful company and a total flop. It’s important to have a stunning website with the right information worded correctly to really draw in your customers. This aspect of your business is not one that you want to leave to a non-professional or an inexperienced company. Dotcom Design works tirelessly to make sure that you have the most cutting edge website available to help grow your customer base. Let us help you take your business to new levels!

Phase 1: Plan

Going above and beyond is something that Dotcom Design does best. The first step in our highly customized three step process is to plan out the information that will go into the content of your website. During this process, we do the following:


Through an in depth phone interview, we get to know you and your company so we can get a thorough understanding of what your website needs to outshine the competition.


As one of the most important steps in the process, Dotcom Design goes to new lengths to find out the values and goals of your company. During this process we get a feel for who your target audience is, and then begin optimizing keywords so you rank high in search engines and gain more visibility to potential customers.


Your company is unique, and so are the customers who you need to reach out to. We help to identify the key audience, and then optimize your website so that you are able to reach out them and gain new clients and customers.


The final part of the first step of your website construction is to create a blueprint that details the website flow, functionality, layouts, and more.

Phase 2: Build

Creating is the second step in our process and the heart of our business. When it comes to website design, Cedar Rapids has had great experiences using us as their web designer. In this second step, you can expect this from Dotcom Design:


During this step we gather the information and start to virtually create the layout that was designed during the wireframing step mentioned above.


The right visuals can make or break a website, and we provide all of the themes, patterns, and styles that you can choose between to ensure that your personality shines through your website.


This is where the fun begins! During website development, we create meta tags, graphics, and write the content that will make up your website.


This phase is dedicated to making sure that all links are functioning, content is complete, and there are no broken pages. This is a crucial, detailed step to make sure that your website runs perfectly.

Phase 3: Evolve

With our website design, Cedar Rapids business owners can rest easy knowing that we have pulled all of the necessary information or created new elements of your website to help entice more customers. The evolution phase of your website design is one of the most important in the process! Expect the following during this step:


We check your site and optimize it to make sure that content is perfect, links are working, and tweak the essentials to make sure everything is running as smooth as possible.


We perform crucial website maintenance to ensure that the website is functioning and the content and design are working as planned.


Digital analytics is the next step of this final phase. We investigate and discover how users are interacting with your website to help identify any necessary changes or improvements.


Optimizing keywords to rank high in search engines is our specialty. We make sure your site is picked up by Google, Bing, & Yahoo. This is crucial to making sure you reach as many customers as possible. With our website design, Cedar Rapids business owner can reach thousands of new clients in the area and beyond.


Dotcom Design has been the premier company for website design. Cedar Rapids knows that when they call us to create their website, they are getting a company who thoroughly researches their company and gets to know them, creates a beautiful design concept, develops all of the necessary elements of the website, and then launches the site only when it is perfect. Give us a call and let’s start building together!

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