Web Design Concepts to Keep in Mind with Your Site Designer

Trying to create a high-quality website for your business takes a skilled website designer in Iowa City, IA to implement correctly. Unfortunately, many businesses or company owners don’t take the time to understand the various design concepts available for their needs.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the most important design concepts that you need to understand for your latest website design or upgrade. These simple ideas will help push your website to a higher plain and will make your company more successful by attracting more customers.

Three-Dimensional Illustration

A growing number of companies are utilizing three-dimensional designs onto their websites. This option is a smart choice for a vast amount of reasons. First of all, it will add dimension to your site that makes it look more exciting and which will attract a more significant number of viewers.

Secondly, you can utilize this design element to highlight important parts of your site, such as the navigation bar and your purchasing section. This simple design concept is fundamental to talk about with your designer and will help make your site more attractive.

Inclusive Design Options

When you’re working with a website designer for your company’s site, it can be easy to forget the fact that many different people visit your website. For example, you may have nearly blind people who come or those who struggle to work their mouse accurately due to muscle or nerve damage.

Try to integrate more inclusive design options to ensure that your page is easier to use. For example, a “big type” version could help those with vision problems. You may also want to include audio sections that can explain the site and your services quickly and efficiently.

The Importance of White Space

Website density was an issue that plagued many early website designs because businesses wanted to give their customers as much information as possible. However, an excessive flow of information will only confuse a reader and cause them to leave your website more quickly.

As a result, you and a website designer need to sit down and make sure that you integrate white space throughout your site. White space should be used around text, near pictures, and as a way to emphasize certain areas of your website. This process can take some time to master, so always work with an expert.

Properly Emphasize Site Elements

As a business owner, you want your website to emphasize as many elements of your company as possible. However, excessive use of emphasis can cause difficulties with your website. Simply put, if you underline every aspect of your site, nothing will stand out, and your page will be hard to read.

Therefore, you need to find an element or two of your website that you want to emphasize adequately. For example, you could underline your search bar to help customers find parts of your site more easily. Use large font, pictures, and more to emphasize these parts of your website.

Brutalism in Your Design

Over the last few years, minimalism has been the king of web design concepts. People don’t want a site that is hard to understand or that has excessive colors and graphics. They want a website that is easy to navigate and which uses a minimal amount of excess navigation options.

However, brutalism goes one step further by stripping your website down to the bare bones as much as possible. The idea behind this approach is to make your website as easy to use as possible and eliminate the sort of bland homogeneity that has spread across many website designs lately.

Upgrades to More Serious Logos

Your business logo is one of the most crucial elements of your website design and helps to create an image that your viewers can identify with your company. However, a growing number of people are jettisoning silly or quirky logo designs and are going for more serious looks.

This type of rebranding is often called a “Helveticization” because your logo’s font will utilize a starker and more basic font, like Helvetica. A reliable website designer will understand the benefits of this approach and will work hard to ensure that it works for your business needs.

Interesting Illustration Ideas

When you’re designing your webpage, you may be inclined to add a few stock photos to each page and call it a day. This step is understandable financially, but it is a huge mistake for your website. Strive to use iconic images that are unique to your site and which make it stand out.

For example, you could have photos of your products in various working environments to showcase their effectiveness. You can also integrate videos onto your site to provide another visual element. Focus your videos on how-to ideas to make them even more useful for your customers.

Fall in Love with the CSS Grid

While pre-fabricated sites may not be right for your business, designs on the CSS grid are usually a good idea. This grid is laid across your web pages and provides a guide that makes placing various elements, such as text and photos, much more accessible.

For example, your designer would work with a CSS grid to ensure that every element of your site lines up correctly. This step helps to not only make your website look better but decreases your production time by streamlining the process. As a result, you’ll save money, and your designer can move to another job.

Don’t Neglect Site Coding

A growing number of businesses utilize pre-fabricated website design to make implementing a look more accessible for their company. While this approach is understandable, it does have the possibility of making your website seem cheap or basic. Thankfully, you can utilize web coding to make your website more personal to your business.

While coding will take you a little time to learn, you can work with a website designer to master this process. Once you know how to code, you can tweak more elements of your website and make it more personal than a standard design.

Don’t Neglect Professional Advice

As you can see, the concepts that drive website design often go above and beyond what most people realize. These ideas are often simple on the surface but need a skilled expert to manage appropriately. With the help of a professional, you shouldn’t have a hard time making your website more attractive.

So if you want to implement any of these ideas with a website designer in Iowa City, IA, make sure that you reach out to a professional who fully understands how to implement these ideas. And make sure you choose plans that enhance your brand quality as much as possible.

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