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Brand Strategy

Define what your company stands for, the promises you’ll make to your customers, and the personality you want to convey based on your target audience.

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branding branding


It’s part of a tailored online strategy that gets results. We pair world-class creativity with thoughtful planning that moves customers.

branding branding


Our blueprint provides optimized design and compelling content that will get your business in front of customers who are ready to buy.


Web Design Company Iowa City, IA


Success of failure can be the difference between one or two clicks of the mouse.

We’ve been creating, developing, and mastering the user experience of our websites since we set out to create our first over 10 years ago. Calling us fanatical about creating an exceptional user experience would be vastly understating the truth. At this very moment there are websites run by companies and businesses with multi-billion-dollar market caps and we are flabbergasted by how many of them lack an intuitive user experience. Our design team is incredibly experienced, talented and truly love what they do. This combination leads to some impressive and successful website designs.


One of the most important marketing strategies a company can utilize is a high quality, top of the line company website. At Dotcom Design, we are a premier web design company. Iowa City business owners know that when they hire us for their website design, they are hiring a group of people who get to know their company, create an appealing, user friendly website, and continue helping their company’s website grow and develop. We utilize a thorough, three step system in order to create the best website possible for you and your company. Here is how we do it.

Phase 1: Plan

As the first part of our three step system, the planning phase is one of the most important. During this time, we get to know you and your company, learn more about your values and goals, and start gathering information that will go into the makeup up of your actual website. Here is how we do it at Dotcom Design, a web design company Iowa City trusts.


Through a thorough phone call interview, we go through our questionnaire to ensure that we get to know you and your company on a deeper level to ensure that the right info goes into your website.


Values, goals, and your target audience is identified during the research phase. We also do important keyword research, plan your content, and analyze the competition to help grow your company.


We create your website designed to interact with an imaginary user: your target audience. This helps to ensure that you are reaching the right audience through your online presence.


This blueprint helps outline your website. The functionality, user flow, layout, and more.

Phase 2: Build

This step is where the planning part comes into action and your website is built, created, and customized by our highly professional web team. We don’t just create a website, we create a website that is personalized by you, innovative by us, and is as user friendly as possible. Here is what is included during the building of your website. As a leading web design company, Iowa City businesses know they get a high quality built website.


We allow you to customize your website by choosing from a variety of themes, patterns, and styles to ensure that while we may be building your website, your company’s personality shines through it.


During this phase we create your graphics, write the content that goes into your website, and create meta tags that will be used.


To ensure that you get the best website possible, we check for broken links, pages, poor functionality and complete content.

Phase 3: Evolve

We don’t simply build your site and then walk away. We stick around, monitoring user interaction and evolving your website to ensure that it grows with you and your company. When it comes to choosing a web design company, Iowa City business owners know how important it is for a company to continue evolving their website. As an important, recurring step, here is what occurs during the evolution of your website.


We test your website to ensure that it is functioning properly, discover what is and is not working, what needs to be updated, and check on the rankings.


Routine checkups to ensure your website is functioning properly is important when hiring a web design company. Iowa City business owners can expect maximum site maintenance from Dotcom Design.


We study how your users are interacting with your website to help further optimize it with necessary changes and improvements.


Promoting your company on the major search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing, is important to gaining more clients, which is why we are experts in marketing you on these channels.


When you choose Dotcom Design for your web design company, Iowa City business owners are able to grow their company and increase their exposure online. With our three part system, you get a high quality, stunning website that is designed to be as user friendly as possible. Give us a call here at Dotcom Design and let’s get started on your new, customized, user friendly website.

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