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Brand Strategy

Define what your company stands for, the promises you’ll make to your customers, and the personality you want to convey based on your target audience.

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branding branding


It’s part of a tailored online strategy that gets results. We pair world-class creativity with thoughtful planning that moves customers.

branding branding


Our blueprint provides optimized design and compelling content that will get your business in front of customers who are ready to buy.


Web Design Company Cedar Falls, IA


Success of failure can be the difference between one or two clicks of the mouse.

We’ve been creating, developing, and mastering the user experience of our websites since we set out to create our first over 10 years ago. Calling us fanatical about creating an exceptional user experience would be vastly understating the truth. At this very moment there are websites run by companies and businesses with multi-billion-dollar market caps and we are flabbergasted by how many of them lack an intuitive user experience. Our design team is incredibly experienced, talented and truly love what they do. This combination leads to some impressive and successful website designs.


Online presence is a huge factor in the success (or lack of success) in a business. With so many people utilizing the internet to search for services, it is important to have an appealing, user friendly website that ranks high in the search engines. At Dotcom Design, we handle all of this for you. When looking for a web design company, Cedar Falls business owners know that Dotcom Design will provide them with the services they want and need. We don’t just create a website and then walk away. We get to know you and your company, and continue developing your website as your company grows. Here’s how it works.

Phase 1: Plan

During the planning stage, we get to know you and your company. Your values, goals, and target audience are all extremely important when developing the right website for your company. Here’s what to expect from our web design company. Cedar Falls company owners loves how thorough our planning phase is.


With a thorough phone call questionnaire, we get to know you and your company and learn what your project requires.


Values, goals, and a target audience are discovered here. We also analyze your competition, plan your content, and do important keyword research for your company.


We create our websites to market to a specific audience. We tailor your website to your target audience, which is identified in this step.


A blueprint is created that outlines your website, its functionality, layout, and more. This will be your future website, on paper.

Phase 2: Build

This is where we take all of the information gathered in part one and start building you a sleek, cutting edge website. From the best graphics and images to the right color choices, your company truly shines through in your custom website.


We evolve the wireframes and information gathered during part one and turn it into the layout of your virtual website. Prototyping is a huge a part of our web design company Cedar Falls company owners love.


Styles, themes, patterns, and more are selected during this phase by you. This allows for maximum customizability so your company shines through.


All of the images, content, and graphics are plugged in to move towards your finished design. Meta tags are also set up during this phase.


In this step we make sure there are no broken links, pages, or incomplete content. Quality is key for Dotcom Design and we ensure everything works right.

Phase 3: Evolve

This is where Dotcom Design does things a little differently. We don’t create your website and then just walk away from it. We continue to monitor your company and website, noting the way users interact with it and constantly develop it to ensure it stays up to date.


We test your website during this phase to make sure everything is working right and to target which areas can be improved, revised, or updated to improve your website.


Ensuring that your website stays working properly is important, and we do routine checks to ensure everything is working great.


We study your user interaction on the page to see who is doing what. From there, we identify any changes that need to happen with your website.


Promoting your company on the major search engines, Google, Yahoo, Bing is important to gaining more clients which is why we are experts in marketing you on these channels.


When you choose Dotcom Design for your web design company, Cedar Falls businesses grow by leaps and bounds. Our three step system is sure to garner you the results you want. From our thorough consultation to our sleek designs and marketing your website on major search engines, choosing us for your website is a great business choice. If you are looking for a web design company Cedar Falls approves of, Dotcom Design is the right choice. Give us a call today and let’s start building.

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