The Power Of Mobile Marketing

When you’re looking for website design services in Iowa City, it is important to find one that understands mobile marketing. The best web designers will understand its power, and how it is transforming the landscape. Here are just a few reasons why mobile marketing is so important now:

  • Mobile traffic is bigger than desktop traffic – As far back as 2015, mobile traffic overtook desktop and laptop traffic. Since then, it has only increased in potency. As a result, it is important to focus your marketing terms in a way that captures the attention of your customers.
  • Mobile traffic is streamlined – Mobile app control systems have been streamlined to create an easy-to-control atmosphere and environment that is hard to beat. Good digital marketing taps into this by creating ads that capture the eye in a mobile environment.
  • Location-based content – Since people carry their phones around, mobile marketing can reach them wherever they are. This makes location-based searches more accurate, assuring that your targeted messaging will be far more effective than before.
  • Google is focusing on mobile traffic – The most popular search engine in the world is still Google and their algorithms have to be pleased in order to avoid being de-indexed. In 2015, they actually updated their algorithm to phase out sites that had not been optimized for mobile use. The writing is clearly on the wall, here.

So when you’re searching for website design services in Iowa City, talk to them about mobile marketing. Finding website design services in Iowa City that have mastered mobile marketing can help you stand out from your competitors. It’s a unique opportunity to succeed where they have failed.


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