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Brand Strategy

Define what your company stands for, the promises you’ll make to your customers, and the personality you want to convey based on your target audience.

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branding branding


It’s part of a tailored online strategy that gets results. We pair world-class creativity with thoughtful planning that moves customers.

branding branding


Our blueprint provides optimized design and compelling content that will get your business in front of customers who are ready to buy.


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Our secrete sauce = Increased conversions

With constant changing technology, search engines such as Google and Bing are creating new algorithms, which enable users to have an even better and more personal web experience. Always evolving, consumer searching behaviors, search engines, and SEO has all changed.
With search engines constantly updating and changing their algorithms, these changes can be unexpected. A company who specializes in SEO will be on top of the constant changing algorithms and search requirements, allowing clients to gain more traffic to their websites.


With buyers becoming more informed and sophisticated, companies must also change how they view and approach SEO. Consumer demands are dictating that the quality of content must be raised to meet their specific needs. Appealing to you audience is the first step in ranking high in the search engines, and the end result will mean more traffic and business for you.
Dotcom Design is creating a new path towards effective methods to amplify SEO content, allowing a more involved and personal user experience and creating a customer driven approach to web surfing.
With proven methods, Dotcom Design has been able to increase sales, make your company more visible in search engines, and help create new leads. With an integrated approach, we combine social media, content marketing and SEO content. This ensures that your name gets in front of as many people as possible, skyrocketing your web traffic and creating new customers for your company.


SEO is all about gaining insight to your audience. A complete understanding of your customer and search audience is crucial to the SEO process. Taking into consideration key data points will provide you with key information that is necessary for an effective business and SEO strategy. Our data based SEO strategy services will help you in the following ways: reach out to a new audience, encourage them to engage with your website, and guide them into a marketing tunnel, creating new customers for you and your company.


SEO Management

By combining social media, conversation rate optimization, and influencer marketing, you can create optimized content to help reach and engage new users and influence their activity on your web page. Once this occurs, you can expect targeted leads, large web traffic targeted to your specific user, and increased sales. We have perfected the SEO process here at Dotcom Design to ensure that you gain new customers and leads for your business to flourish and thrive.

Organic Search Consulting

Dotcom Design does SEO in a way that other companies don’t. We use hands on approaches and help our clients by using SEO best practices to ensure that all teams are on the same page with a similar goal: get your company name out on the web and in front of as many of your targeted audience as possible.
With our SEO services, we make recommendations to improve the online presence of your business. Whether your company already has a loyal customer base and is a large standing company, or a startup who is ready to get its foot in the door, our SEO services are customized and designed specifically for you.

SEO Copy writing

With today’s consumers having more specific needs, search engines help to ensure that the right website gets presented on their computer screen. Data-backed marketing helps create an effective and strategic plan for content recommendations.

Link Building

This can be slightly confusing to some, but search engines utilize link building and external links to ensure quality and quantity of the targeted links. This helps to give a better reputation and boost your company name in the search engine. It is a crucial part of a successful SEO strategy.

SEO Audit Services

Auditing your rankings is the first step in building a successful SEO strategy. Our SEO Auditing Services help current performances, opens the door for improvement, and gives you opportunity to gain more potential customers.

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