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The Relationship

In May of 2019, when we first met Tom, he was working with five different marketing companies and getting different advice from each one. He was investing in TV, radio, direct mail, phone books… a little money here, a little there, all random acts of marketing. He couldn’t tell how his money was being spent, and was understandably frustrated. When he approached us, we could tell that he had a wonderful business and fantastic people on the team, but also that he was facing the usual pitfalls of big box marketing, being handed empty promises.

Tomlinson Cannon

The Solution

What Tom and Michelle needed was a fresh start. Our team got to work helping them craft brand new messaging. First we had to get rid of the cookie-cutter template website they had; it was neither establishing trust nor driving customers down the path to purchase. After learning who their ideal customers were, we established a strong presence on Google & Bing through SEO and search ads. We also began targeting potential customers on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


The Results

In September 2019, Tomlison Cannon was averaging 140 calls per month. In September 2020, the number of calls per month went up to 868. They went from having no presence online, to page one of Google for eight keywords, to page one of Google with over 225 keywords. All this while spending 30% less on marketing overall! Instead of dealing with five different companies, they now work with a single agency that has a crystal-clear understanding of the goals that they are trying to achieve.

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We want businesses everywhere to succeed online, and we offer pricing options to help companies of any size. Our packages range from simple yet attractive to high end & custom, always including lots of options to choose from and tailored for your business. We take care of hosting, security, and daily backups.

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