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The Relationship

The Yoder brothers were referred to us in March of 2020. At the time, they were doing decks, remodeling, siding, windows, and other small construction projects. They couldn’t seem to truly get ahead, and wanted to tap into bigger ticket construction projects. Through collaboration, research, and discovery, we determined that the clear path forward would be in the roofing industry.

I57 Roofing

The Solution

We got to work designing a new website for I-57 Residential Roofing, crafting unique messaging, and putting together a result-driven marketing strategy. It took us a while to build the profiles of their ideal customers, but once that was done, we could target them directly through social media. Google Ads and SEO also played their part in building a strong online presence.

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I would recommend Dotcom Design simply because of the relationship that they want to build with their clients. They are there for you to help you grow your business.

Marcus Yoder

I-57 Roofing


The Results

Within a few days of launching the new website and marketing campaign for residential roofing, the leads began pouring in. In a month, the number of unique visits has doubled. In a single quarter, it has grown by 450%! Overall, the results were so strong that Marcus and David immediately opted for the same treatment of their commercial roofing division. These benefits that they’re seeing are products of switching from ineffective tactile forms of marketing to a highly targeted online strategy.

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We want businesses everywhere to succeed online, and we offer pricing options to help companies of any size. Our packages range from simple yet attractive to high end & custom, always including lots of options to choose from and tailored for your business. We take care of hosting, security, and daily backups.

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