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The Relationship

Bill called us in December of 2019, having run out of options elsewhere. He and his partner Mike had been bouncing around from agency to agency trying to find someone that could help them grow their business online. Although they had a great model, they were struggling with transactional companies that didn’t seem to care about Factory Direct Mattress to the same extent Bill and Mike did. In the end they landed with Dotcom Design, eager to finally engage with a marketing agency that truly valued client relationships.

Factory Direct Mattress

The Solution

Our team went to work studying the business and the franchise model. Between wholesale, direct to consumer, and the franchise owners, there were many moving parts in play. The website, for one, clearly wasn’t working – hardly any sales were happening online. Our goal was to design a beautiful shopping experience from beginning to end, simultaneously delivering on every other part of the client’s model. After building a brand new website, we made sure that high-quality traffic was driven to it from Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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When we launched our website we sold more online in 3 weeks than we had in our companies entire 10 year history!

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Factory Direct Mattress


The Results

In just three short weeks, Factory Direct Mattress sold more online than in their entire ten-year-long company history! They are adding new franchise owners every single month and growing their wholesale business. When we talk about “We Grow Your Business”, this is exactly what we mean!

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We want businesses everywhere to succeed online, and we offer pricing options to help companies of any size. Our packages range from simple yet attractive to high end & custom, always including lots of options to choose from and tailored for your business. We take care of hosting, security, and daily backups.

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