Integrating Banner Ads Onto Your Site in a Subtle Way

Banner ads are an essential part of any marketing campaign but can be a challenge to integrate intelligently on a site. Thankfully, the best web designers Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, and Waterloo, Iowa have to offer can help. These experts will teach you how to use banner ads in a smooth, streamlined, and effective way for your website. And if you reach out to us at Dotcom Design right away, you can learn even more about how these ads can help your company stay in business.

Know How Banner Ads Help You

Few people understand how banner ads help with affiliate marketing. Typically, you want to use a banner ad in such a way that people cannot miss it. Subtly is essential, this is true, but you want to avoid being too subtle. This may sound a bit like a Zen mind puzzle, but there is an outstanding balance to strike. Your banner ad should be something that customers see every time they visit your site but shouldn’t be so vulgar that it’s uncomfortable and annoying.

When placed properly, a banner add helps your customers process a lot of visual information about your company. They’ll see details regarding your logo, see many elements of your services, and get a visual reminder of who you are and what purpose you serve. A quick reminder like this often places the idea of your company in a potential customer’s head without them even realizing it, as they may not spend much time examining the banner ad.

And as web designers will tell you, people may be compelled to click on a banner add to go directly to your website. These ads typically get a lot of traffic because they are large and can trigger the impulse-buy feeling in many. Therefore, it is critical to understand how to not only implement these ads smoothly and straightforwardly but to do so in a manner that ensures you get the spread that you need for your business’ advertising needs.

Simplicity is Better

How often have you seen banner ads on competitor sites that use complex visuals, animations, and even sounds to try to lure you into buying? Probably not as often as you once did because a growing number of web designers are turning away from such a gaudy sideshow. That said, many companies still haven’t learned that simplicity is better when it comes to banner ads and may want to make them as complex as possible.

However, subtly is the best choice here. Yes, your banner ad is going to be big and hard to miss. However, you can use only a handful of elements – such as a great title, some basic text, a call-to-action button, a logo, and a simple background image – to capture the imagination of buyers. Instead of dazzling them with so-called design prowess, you can instead lure them into a purchase by describing your services or products.

Make sure, though, that you have an undeniable Call to Action section. A logo that doesn’t ask the customer to click on it is not
going to be as effective. Often, consumers need a little light push in the right direction to make a purchase. And a few choice words (such as “act now!”) can help to make it harder for them to resist the urge to click on your ad and makes it easier for you to make a sale.

Always Stay On-Brand

The most important thing about any advertising or marketing attempt is to stay on-brand at all times. For example, you need to make sure that all elements of your ad are focused on your brand. This element includes choosing pictures that make sense for your company and which positively reflect you. The text should also be indicative of your company and make it feel more relatable and enjoyable for you and your potential buyers.

Unfortunately, it is straightforward to go off-brand if you aren’t too careful. For example, think back to the infamous “I’d Hit It”
Burger King ads from over a decade ago. They took a phrase that the advertising executives and web designers clearly did not understand and used it in an awkward way that consumers knew was forced. The campaign did not last long but is still remembered as one of the worst attempts to market to the millennial market.

Instead of using such crass techniques, your banner ad should be simple – as mentioned before – and elegant. Use your logo to impress it in the mind of your customers and integrate other elements, such as images of your products or services, to make it stand out even more. At this point, you are completely on brand and can catch the eye of your customers without making them feel like they are under attack by your banner ad.

Use Your Ad Prominently But Smartly

Now that you have an idea of what kind of banner ads your sites need, you can make sure to integrate them in subtle ways. This process can be a surprisingly tough one because you need to make sure that they are both prominent and not too obnoxious. If we’re going to be honest, we know that most people find banner ads annoying, but they convert too much business for you to ignore here.

So how can you and your web designers avoid crossing the annoyance threshold too much? Usually, you want to make sure that the banner ad is “above the fold” at the top of your page and is visible when your page loads. As a result, you need to change up your programming and design to ensure that it smoothly appears as soon as possible when your website starts up. Doing so can avoid display issues.

Make sure that you place them throughout the page, too, in a way that attracts the eye. Remember: visual design options, even ads, help to break apart text. And since your viewers are going to look from left to right and up to down as they read, try to sprinkle your ads in such a way that the eye is pulled down the page in a smooth manner. Your designers should understand this process well.

Learning More About This Process

As you can see, banner ads are an essential way of helping your business stand out and can help you achieve a higher level of success. So if you’re interested in working with web designers in Cedar Falls, Dubuque, and Des Moines, Iowa on this process, contact us at Dotcom Design right away to learn more. Our professionals not only have years of experience but are fully dedicated to the best web design concepts and trends to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase.

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