Improving Your Website URL Structure

When website design firms in places like Waterloo, IA, work on executing a good site, they try to create a URL structure that makes sense and is easy to understand. Just think of a site like Facebook. Their URL is the title of the company, very easy to remember. Unfortunately, you can’t always use the name of your company as your website URL. And when creating subdomains, you have to expand the range of the URLs.

How can you do this without making your URL tags unwieldy and difficult to type? By following these simple guidelines set by web design experts!

Make it easy to read

Avoid ugly URLs with lots of silly parameters that add little to their usability. Instead, focus on making them clean and easy to read.

Use keywords when organically possible

Always use your keywords as part of your URL structure – assuming it makes organic sense, of course. Don’t stuff them in simply to force-feed, though, as this can be seen as spammy.

Keep it short

Lengthy URL tags are often confusing to remember and hard to type. Keep your URL structure short and simple whenever possible. Take the dating site Plenty Of Fish as an example. Their URL is simply – the acronym works better than the full site title.

Match titles whenever possible

Try to match your site URL tags to the title of the page. For example, if you are a mechanic with a service department, a subdomain of “/service-department.html” is easy to understand and type.

You might be surprised at just how quickly an improved URL structure will improve your website flow. Talk to a professional today if you’re having a hard time finding a simple way to synthesize your organic tags with your keywords.

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