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Get Ready for Google’s Mobile First Index: A Money Making Strategy for Marketers Everywhere

  • By Dotcom Design
  • 15 Dec, 2016
Google's Mobile First Index

For webpages, companies, and marketers, ranking high in search engines is a top priority. SEO content, advertisements, and other strategies have become a main focal point for marketers and web developers alike. So, what does this switch to mobile mean for marketing strategists and web developers? Money. And lots of it (if you can do it right, that is).

Don’t get it confused though, this doesn’t mean that there will be two different indexes. It simply means that mobile searches will be prioritized over traditional desktop web searches. This is in the wake of findings that more and more web searches are starting to occur on mobile devices.

With the constant talk of Google changing its algorithms, it’s looking like the switch to mobile indexing has started to take hold, and marketers should be taking heed (if they want to keep their traffic up, that is). Mobile usage has been surpassing traditional desktop use for quite some time now, so this change has been a long time coming and marketers and web developers all over the world are preparing for this huge change.

While Google has kept it under wraps about the impact that mobile-first indexing will have on website’s search rankings, it is always a good idea to get your websites mobile ready for the change in indexing.

Stay Safe with a Mobile Friendly Website

Playing it safe by making your website mobile friendly is one of the smartest decisions you can make right now as we await this change in indexing. In fact, Google has made it easy to decide whether or not your website is mobile friendly with this handy test tool . Concerned about usability issues, such as interstitial pop-ups, fonts that are too small, or touch features that are too close together? Google has something to help you out with that to.

Googlebot Needs to See Your Website Accurately

Does your mobile site and your desktop site have different URLs? Double check this to make sure that Google and renders it as it should. Again, there is a tool for this and it’s important you utilize it to get the most out of your desktop and mobile websites. Fetch as Google is a great way to check this out, and don’t forget to create a relationship between your desktop and mobile websites.

Make Sure Your Mobile Website has Good Content

Keywords are just as important on your mobile website as they are on your desktop website. Many web developers and marketers choose to keep their mobile sites simple, but this can be ineffective as Google will be ranking the content that appears on your mobile site with its new index.

Keeping Things Speedy

One of the best ways to improve your sites performance is by cutting down on loading times and speeding up browsing for your mobile users. Again, there is a tool for this to help ensure that your website is running smooth, quick, and is user friendly. To test your mobile website’s speed, check this out to diagnose your websites issues and get a few suggestions on implementing fixes for these issues.  

A Final Note

If your website has a robust blog/content hub, be sure to implement Accelerated Mobile Pages to speed up the content being served on your mobile browser. This will be crucial when mobile first indexing hits the web.

Keep in mind that with this new indexing, nothing has been set in stone by Google…yet. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry to stay ahead of the game. Prime yourself, your company, and your websites to switch to a mobile first world and get your sites user friendly.

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By Dotcom Design 31 Oct, 2017

At the foundation of any successful business in today’s modern world is a good website. Behind every good website is a good web design. One key part of digital web marketing is to be user friendly for multiple platforms. People today use desktops, laptops, cell phones, tablets, and other devices to view websites.  What looks good on a widescreen may look off in a shorter monitor. It is important that you run your web page through several different web browsers to check for any formatting or display issues.  To make the most of their website design, Dubuque businesses have come to trust DotComDesign  for quality and excellence at a value unmatched by anyone else.

Our team here at DotComDesign  has a proven track record for designing successful and beautiful websites and they can help you achieve the same results. If you need help with website design in Dubuque , there is none better to trust your website to! We invite you to contact us today and schedule a consultation so we can discuss your wants and needs and begin the process of designing a website that meets your unique goals. You do not have to do it alone! Trust our experts and let our years of proven results speak for themselves-we would welcome the opportunity to show you why we are the name more people trust for all of their website design needs!

By Dotcom Design 31 Oct, 2017

In the modern age of marketing and business promotion, website presence is the key to being successful and staying ahead of the competition. When you need help with website design, Cedar Falls businesses big and small trust DotComDesign! With their help, you can stay ahead of the competition and keep your brand and your products or services in front of your customers!

One key part of digital web marketing is to be user friendly for multiple platforms. It is important that you run your web page through several different web browsers to check for any formatting or display issues.  People today use desktops, laptops, cell phones, tablets, and other devices to view websites.  What looks good on a widescreen may look off in a shorter monitor. A design layout that is perfect on a Firefox browser may get jumbled or out of whack in Internet Explorer. Also, if you are able to, check between systems- apples and windows computers are very different and may display your page in very different ways. This is something the DotComDesign experts will assist you with during their website building process!

They will work to ensure your website looks great on as many platforms and devices as possible and will build you a layout that fits your business and your customers! Whether you are a fashion boutique catering to thrifty teens and 20-somethings, a hunting store that sells manly sports and hunting supplies, or a mom and pop shop selling homemade soap, you can have a website that is perfect for you, your products, and your customer base! There is no one size fits all when it comes to web design and DotComDesign is your go-to place for any and all website design in Cedar Falls  and the surrounding areas!

By Dotcom Design 31 Oct, 2017

If you need your company logo to appear on the site, we can offer the service as well but at an extra cost. The reason is that this is viewed as an independent area of our operations. Any web design company Des Moines  that lacks a workforce with the necessary skills in logo designing will opt to outsource at your expense. In that case, it is important to find out whether they have one in-house or not, and if they are available, seek to know the experience they have, before you involve them in the project.

How Do You Set The Price Of Your Services?

Some of the factors that will affect the cost of the services we render include the scope of your project, whether we will opt for a flat or hourly rate, our experience, as well as the experts who will be handling the task. All these will contribute to the final offer that a web design company Des Moines  will present, and it would be best for you to visit our offices so we can discuss appropriate terms.

What Will The Price Include?

Outlining the details of what will be covered in the cost of the service you are seeking is paramount, and your quote should reflect this information. We will furnish you with an itemized list of deliverable, which a web design company in Des Moines  should make available to its clients, to eliminate any misunderstanding in the future. For instance, a web design company in Des Moines  may be offering hosting or maintenance services, and such information may not be included in the initial quote.

By Dotcom Design 31 Oct, 2017

The needs of every company are unique. Some will pay particular attention to establishing their presence online while for others, this may not be a priority. As such, we offer both pre-made templates and custom design options when creating websites for our clientele. Responding to the demands of every customer is the focus of our web design company Cedar Falls , and that is why we give you the liberty to choose between these two.

Are Samples Of Web Designs You Have Worked On Available?

It 's hard to understand what we offer and whether it will be appropriate for your operations or not if you have no idea of what our web design company Cedar Falls  is capable of producing. Before you delegate the responsibility of working on your site to us; we will avail some of the previous websites we have developed, to give you a rough idea of what to anticipate. It will also give you confidence once you discover that the task is in capable hands because we want you to realize value from what you put into the design work.

Do You Have Case Studies To Support The Need To Invest In Web Development?

Having an attractive website designed by some web design company in Cedar Falls , to establish an online presence, does not always guarantee success. We have practical examples of some of our clients who have achieved great results after investing in custom websites for their establishments. From the details we avail, you will find information on the percentage of conversion rates, online sales, and leads gained within a particular period.

By Dotcom Design 05 Sep, 2017

Social media gives businesses the opportunity to observe and listen to people. A lot of the time, people don’t even realize that they are being heard. Their open and honest opinions on social media give companies a chance to gather up marketing data. Social media helps companies continue to track the consumers’ wants and needs. Whether it’s through regular chatter or through specific feedback, social media is the way people express their need for a product. And the best way to manage and focus your social media platforms into one strong all-inclusive unit is to anchor them with a website. This is why you need a website designer in Waterloo  to help your business grow!

People use social media to interact with others who share similar interests and are generally not interested or looking to buy or sell products. The modern web user is highly savvy to typical sales pitches and will block, mute, or unfollow those that clog up their timelines with non-stop advertising. This doesn’t mean that your business won’t be able to sell your products on the Internet; it just means that you need to be creative in your sales approach. Engaging in conversation and developing a relationship with your customers before you try to sell something to them is the best way to go about it. If you are looking for a website designer, Waterloo has one of the best- Dotcom Design . So, check it out today and see how much your business can grow with a strong online presence!

By Dotcom Design 05 Sep, 2017

Many businesses today are turning to the social web as the main place they turn to for all of the news and information they seek. With this strong and continued growth of the digital age, companies are no longer asking if social media and digital marketing can work for them, they are asking how to make these platform work for their business. With an ever-growing list of social media sites, digital platforms, online tools, and options for business growth, choosing what and where to focus can be overwhelming. This is where hiring a website designer in Iowa City can help your local business stand out from the competition.

Most business owners are familiar with social media and have at least a basic understanding of website content creation, but many often remain confused about how it all works and fits together and how to harness the full potential of a strong online presence. Online marketing and advertising is about communication that enables users to create and share information in a format meaningful to them. Basically, it is about people connecting with one another through shared thoughts, conversations, links, media, and resources.  A good website designer in Iowa City , like Dotcom Design  for example, can help your business maximize the impact a strong online presence and social media front can bring.

By Dotcom Design 02 Aug, 2017

The best website designer Waterloo  has to offer will tell you that videos should be a major part of your website design. An increasing number of websites are integrating high-quality videos and using them to successfully market their business. As a website designer in Waterloo , we are here to tell you that this practice has many incredible advantages, such as:

  • Creating actionable content that your viewers will enjoy
  • Increasing your media spread beyond text-based content
  • Boosting your SEO to higher levels by expanding your site's scope
  • Creating potentially viral content that will engage your customers' imagination
  • Making your website look more professional, engaging, and exciting

Those are just some of the reasons that the best website designer Waterloo  has to offer will tell you that videos are essential to your site success. What kind of videos will work the best for your site? That will depend on a variety of factors. Some of the most popular include:

  • Funny content that entertains
  • How-to articles that explain difficult concepts
  • Discussion articles that go over important information about your business
  • Personal messages from leaders in the business

These videos are popular because they provide actionable content for your viewer. For example, how-to sites help them better understand your product. Funny content provides them with entertainment and compels them to share it with friends on social media.

So if you are looking to hire the best website designer in Waterloo , make sure they understand the essential aspects of making high-quality videos. While they may not necessarily make the videos in-house, they should be able to find videos or hire people to make the kind of engaging videos that will impress your potential customers.

By Dotcom Design 02 Aug, 2017

The best online marketing Des Moines  strategies focus on integrating a variety of different approaches. One of the most effective of these is blog posts. These posts are often the most read area on a website and convert a high level of traffic. However, even the best online advertising Des Moines  has ever seen means nothing if your blog posts aren't converting traffic.

So How Do Blog Posts Convert?

Blog posts creating by the best online marketing Des Moines  has ever seen convert if they offer actionable content that your readers can use. As a result, you need to focus on creating blog posts that interest your readers.

What Blog Posts Convert?

So what kind of blog posts will convert readers to check out your site? Some of the most popular of these posts on the market today include:

  • How-to articles that answer difficult questions
  • Question and answer posts that inform readers of useful information
  • Discussions of current events that tie in your business
  • Funny stories that showcase a more human side to your business

So where can you find blog posts like this? By hiring an online advertising Des Moines  company that you can trust. They can find high-quality writers that understand SEO guidelines and who will work hard to create a comprehensive and engaging blog that will entice your customers.

By Dotcom Design 10 Jul, 2017

The process of designing a functional website will require the input of both the client and the web designer. Once you have hired the best website designer Waterloo  has to offer, there are some questions to which you should be ready to provide answers. This will give the expert a chance to understand your needs as well as what you want for your business. In short, it will help him to understand what needs to be included in the online site so as to help in your marketing campaigns.

What does your business do?

When you hire an experienced website designer Waterloo  residents can trust, they will seek to know what the business does. In addition, they will ask how long you have been in operation and who you are. This will help in making design decisions throughout the course of the project.

Who will be using the website?

A good website should offer great user experience to the end user. That is why your web designer will need to know who will use the website. By matching the design with the likes and preferences of the target audience, you will be in a better position to attract more online traffic.

What websites do you like?

Any website designer in Waterloo  will ask you to give examples of the websites you like. By doing this, they will identify the features you like and possibly include them in the design of your website.

When you provide this kind of information to a good website designer in Waterloo , they will design the site in line with the answers you provide. At Dotcom  Design, we have made customer satisfaction our priority. This is why we design websites that effectively meet the needs of our customers.

By Dotcom Design 10 Jul, 2017

Finding a competent website designer Iowa City  offers is just as important as the marketing message you wish to spread. Working with a qualified and experienced expert will give you a guarantee that they will use the most effective techniques. These techniques will ensure that the online site is optimized to rank highly among search engines. The result will be increased traffic to the site and higher conversion rates. This means that you should take your time before settling on your preferred web designer.

How do you calculate the cost of websites?

There are several ways that designers will use to calculate the cost of website. This could be per hour, per page or per project. The most reliable website designer Iowa City  has licensed will let you know their policy so that you understand the final quotation and plan accordingly.

What do your website packages include?

Different designers will offer a variety of features when it comes to web design. It is important to find out what you will be paying for so that you can compare different quotations from a point of knowledge. This will also allow you to determine if you will get value for money.

Can I edit the website myself?

A good website designer in Iowa City  will tell you if you can edit the site, how many people will have the access to edit and if they will provide the relevant training to your employees.

When looking for a website designer in Iowa City , you will have many options from which to choose. It is only by asking the right questions that you will be able to determine whether the web designer is reliable or not.

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