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Don't Neglect Your Website Mete Data

  • By Dotcom Design
  • 03 Jan, 2017
Website Design Companies Cedar Rapids, IA

Website design Cedar Rapids is more complicated than you might think. There are many different circumstances that many website design companies in Cedar Rapids  may neglect. For example, some website owners barely understand meta data or use it poorly. Don't fall into this trap.

What Is Meta Data?

Meta data is best understood as data that describes data. If that sounds confusing, think about it as the information that translates your website pages to search engines and makes them easier to understand. In this way, meta data makes your site much easier to find among your various competitors on the market. It is fairly simple to write and implement, but many companies simply ignore it.

Why Does Meta Data Matter?

As mentioned above, meta data helps make your website easier to find. But that's not all it does. Meta data is an invisible code that lurks beneath the HTML of your pages and communicates important information and data about each page. Meta data communicates directly with search engines to let them know the content that is on your page, to make it easier to sort, and to present something that can be easily show in a search engine.

For example, when you search a site on Google and a description pops up, this is the meta data set up by that particular page. If you've ever seen a page that says that a description isn't available because of the site's “robots,” this means that the site didn't set up meta data. This is embarrassing as it makes a site look cheap and poorly maintained.

If you're having a hard time creating good meta data for your websites, don't hesitate to get help with a well-qualified marketing firm. They should understand meta data and how to use it successfully.

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By Dotcom Design 02 Aug, 2017

The best website designer Waterloo  has to offer will tell you that videos should be a major part of your website design. An increasing number of websites are integrating high-quality videos and using them to successfully market their business. As a website designer in Waterloo , we are here to tell you that this practice has many incredible advantages, such as:

  • Creating actionable content that your viewers will enjoy
  • Increasing your media spread beyond text-based content
  • Boosting your SEO to higher levels by expanding your site's scope
  • Creating potentially viral content that will engage your customers' imagination
  • Making your website look more professional, engaging, and exciting

Those are just some of the reasons that the best website designer Waterloo  has to offer will tell you that videos are essential to your site success. What kind of videos will work the best for your site? That will depend on a variety of factors. Some of the most popular include:

  • Funny content that entertains
  • How-to articles that explain difficult concepts
  • Discussion articles that go over important information about your business
  • Personal messages from leaders in the business

These videos are popular because they provide actionable content for your viewer. For example, how-to sites help them better understand your product. Funny content provides them with entertainment and compels them to share it with friends on social media.

So if you are looking to hire the best website designer in Waterloo , make sure they understand the essential aspects of making high-quality videos. While they may not necessarily make the videos in-house, they should be able to find videos or hire people to make the kind of engaging videos that will impress your potential customers.

By Dotcom Design 02 Aug, 2017

The best online marketing Des Moines  strategies focus on integrating a variety of different approaches. One of the most effective of these is blog posts. These posts are often the most read area on a website and convert a high level of traffic. However, even the best online advertising Des Moines  has ever seen means nothing if your blog posts aren't converting traffic.

So How Do Blog Posts Convert?

Blog posts creating by the best online marketing Des Moines  has ever seen convert if they offer actionable content that your readers can use. As a result, you need to focus on creating blog posts that interest your readers.

What Blog Posts Convert?

So what kind of blog posts will convert readers to check out your site? Some of the most popular of these posts on the market today include:

  • How-to articles that answer difficult questions
  • Question and answer posts that inform readers of useful information
  • Discussions of current events that tie in your business
  • Funny stories that showcase a more human side to your business

So where can you find blog posts like this? By hiring an online advertising Des Moines  company that you can trust. They can find high-quality writers that understand SEO guidelines and who will work hard to create a comprehensive and engaging blog that will entice your customers.

By Dotcom Design 10 Jul, 2017

The process of designing a functional website will require the input of both the client and the web designer. Once you have hired the best website designer Waterloo  has to offer, there are some questions to which you should be ready to provide answers. This will give the expert a chance to understand your needs as well as what you want for your business. In short, it will help him to understand what needs to be included in the online site so as to help in your marketing campaigns.

What does your business do?

When you hire an experienced website designer Waterloo  residents can trust, they will seek to know what the business does. In addition, they will ask how long you have been in operation and who you are. This will help in making design decisions throughout the course of the project.

Who will be using the website?

A good website should offer great user experience to the end user. That is why your web designer will need to know who will use the website. By matching the design with the likes and preferences of the target audience, you will be in a better position to attract more online traffic.

What websites do you like?

Any website designer in Waterloo  will ask you to give examples of the websites you like. By doing this, they will identify the features you like and possibly include them in the design of your website.

When you provide this kind of information to a good website designer in Waterloo , they will design the site in line with the answers you provide. At Dotcom  Design, we have made customer satisfaction our priority. This is why we design websites that effectively meet the needs of our customers.

By Dotcom Design 10 Jul, 2017

Finding a competent website designer Iowa City  offers is just as important as the marketing message you wish to spread. Working with a qualified and experienced expert will give you a guarantee that they will use the most effective techniques. These techniques will ensure that the online site is optimized to rank highly among search engines. The result will be increased traffic to the site and higher conversion rates. This means that you should take your time before settling on your preferred web designer.

How do you calculate the cost of websites?

There are several ways that designers will use to calculate the cost of website. This could be per hour, per page or per project. The most reliable website designer Iowa City  has licensed will let you know their policy so that you understand the final quotation and plan accordingly.

What do your website packages include?

Different designers will offer a variety of features when it comes to web design. It is important to find out what you will be paying for so that you can compare different quotations from a point of knowledge. This will also allow you to determine if you will get value for money.

Can I edit the website myself?

A good website designer in Iowa City  will tell you if you can edit the site, how many people will have the access to edit and if they will provide the relevant training to your employees.

When looking for a website designer in Iowa City , you will have many options from which to choose. It is only by asking the right questions that you will be able to determine whether the web designer is reliable or not.

By Dotcom Design 15 Jun, 2017

Now that your website is ready and open for business, you need to team up with the right   Online Advertising   agency. Your website is a valuable marketing tool. It is your way to connect with potential customers at any time day or night. The time spent developing an exciting and easy to use website must be paired with solid marketing tactics for your online success. You need to hire a team whose mission is your online success.

Online marketing   takes your website and markets it effectively to draw traffic to your site and generate leads that turn into sales. They have a 15 year track record of success. Visit them online and read what satisfied customers have to say. They use the latest devices to track traffic, growth and spending. During your consultation, Online Advertising lets you know what you can expect from them as a company. They are marketing experts who take the time to explain what metrics, SEO mean and why they are important to the growth of your business. Their goal is to make sure you understand and are enlightened with the marketing approach they use to promote your online business.

Online Advertising   knows the success of your website is all about the marketing their team delivers. Their goal is to understand your business and advertise it to reach its target audience. During your work sessions, they want your input. They are focused on your company’s goals and know that client satisfaction is their main goal. Check out their gallery of websites online to learn more about the styles they have created. There are so many marketing companies online today. Go with a company that has been leading the pact for over 15 years. Contact   Online Advertising   today to learn more about how they can help you market your web business.

By Dotcom Design 15 Jun, 2017

If you have a business then you need a website. This is a must have for any type of business today. It is the perfect calling card for customers to learn more about your business at any given time. Some companies and customers make the decision not to reach out to businesses if they don’t have a website. Are you experiencing problems trying to find the right company to design your website? Contact   Website Designer Iowa City   a leader in designing websites that are functional, easy to use and appealing.

Once selected as your designing team, a consultation allows them to learn your goals for your website. Whether you want to sell products or provide information as your web designing team their goal is your satisfaction.   Website Designer in Iowa City   will present you with a selection of appropriate colors, print sizes, images and layout placement to develop a page that your targeted market can relate to. Visit them online to check out their gallery of web creations. There are many packages to choose from making them very budget friendly.

As your designer team, they are experienced in the up to date trends in technology and innovation.   With over 15 years experience in the design industry they understand layout, color theory, web font and more.  You want a company that can help you create a website design that guides your users through your website seamlessly. This is a company that works hard to deliver quality websites at affordable prices. Contact them today and get your website out there.

By Dotcom Design 15 Jun, 2017

When you started building your first website, you probably used a free web builder with a small number of stock images to support your attempt at creating an informative web page. But did that sunset really represent your travel agency? Did the polka-dotted shirt match your apparel store's sense of style? It might be time to see what a real  website design  company can do for your small business.

Target Your Real Customers

When you're selling leisure wear, you need to show your customers your own products. A local lawyer needs a picture of the local skyline in the background. Your consulting service should be represented by real people, not plastic versions to be found on thousands of other websites. Your customers need to see what they are really paying for. Your local  web design company  can help you find the right images to communicate the right message.

Represent Your Real Brand

Your  website design  ought to pulse with the feel and function of your small business. From the tag line to the colors, font, and ease of use--all the aspects of the page must reflect the brand using images that are pertinent to your company. When you leave the free web behind and invest in a professional  web design company , you create an online presence that your future clients will believe and trust. Dotcom Design features personalized service for every client no matter if they are the smallest downtown business or a corporate citizen.

By Dotcom Design 05 May, 2017

Sometimes you might wonder if the blog attached to your company website is worth having at all. Nobody ever visits it and it's a struggle to get your co-workers to submit blogs on a regular basis. Well, even if you are not personally writing the material, your blog can still work for your business for a very low cost when you work with an  online marketing company in Cedar Falls .

Blogs Work for Better Search Results

When you reach out for the  online marketing Cedar Falls  has to offer, you'll discover what targeted content on your blog can do to raise your visibility on the internet. For a low cost, your marketing company can provide blog content that adds your company name, location and highlighted product or service to each blog posted. The search engine robots will find these nuggets of information and add them to their database. Without any effort and a very low cost you've just increased the bang of your marketing dollar by using an  online marketing company in Cedar Fall s. Dotcom Design features personalized service for every client no matter if they are the smallest downtown business or a corporate citizen.

Provide Information, Not Just Promotion

Our digital world doesn't just read blogs to find out more about your company. People check out blogs for tips on how to live a better life. This can include how your product improves their lifestyle or how to avoid many of the pitfalls that everybody faces at some point in their life. By making your blog  created by the  online marketing Cedar Falls  has to offer a  valuable asset for the reader, they associate this generosity with a good company. It can generate positive feedback in the form of future sales and customer loyalty.

By Dotcom Design 03 Apr, 2017

Are you looking for a way to stand out among the online crowd this year? Then you need to consider setting up a live video stream. The best online marketing Iowa City has to offer includes these services. They have become among the most important way to stand out and make your business grow online.

What Is Live Video Streaming?

Live video streaming is the act of showing a video live on internet, as the event happens. The presidential debates of 2016 saw this trend take off exponentially. Using it for your online marketing could help you jump in on this trend in a positive way. The best online marketing Iowa City services are now integrating video streams to help improve its usefulness.

How Can It Be Used For You?

Think of an event that could happen at your business that might attract potential customers. For example, let's say you are holding a pre-Black Friday sale that you want to show off to potential customers. A live video stream of customers saving money could help not only advertise the sale but also interest shoppers in your Black Friday sales.

Is It Expensive?

The reason that various online advertising Iowa City firms are considering online video streams is that they aren't very expensive. While a good camera may cost close to $500-$1,000, it can be used for many different videos. Paying for extra bandwidth may also cost you a little more money, but it should be nickle-and-dime level cash compared to what you have paid for other marketing methods.

As you can see, there are many advantages to live video streams and integrating them on your website. Talk to the best online advertising Iowa City companies near you to learn more. You might be surprised at just how inexpensive and effective this advertising method can be when used properly.

By Dotcom Design 03 Apr, 2017

Have you adapted your website to the realities of mobile-first advertising? If not, you are really going to get lost in the shuffle. The best online advertising Davenport services know that mobile-first advertising is the wave of the future. Why? There are many benefits to mobile-first advertising. These benefits include the ways that it:

  • Reaches more customers – A majority of people use their mobile devices to access the internet. Adjusting your online advertising service in Davenport to meet those needs, therefore, increases the potential spread of your business.
  • Improves your advertising reach – Beyond reaching more customers, mobile-first advertising simply increases your advertising reach. How? By creating a totally new style that can compliment your other advertising methods.
  • Is more effective – The best online advertising Davenport services will tell you that mobile-first advertising is more effective. Why? Mobile users are more likely to click on links when researching products, potentially increasing your advertising spread and your sales.
  • Appeals to more people – Mobile-first advertising is usually more entertaining and lively than other types of online advertising methods. As a result, people are more likely to appreciate your ads or to remember them later.

These benefits, and many others, are a major part of why it is so crucial to call an online advertising service in Davenport and talk about mobile-first advertising. Without it, you could be losing customers left and right.

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